SkyPatrol - SP2600

The SkyPatrol SP2600 Series is an economical GPS tracking device that offers the functionality you need without unnecessary features that drive up costs. It is the perfect solution for fleet tracking and other tracking purposes. With a focus on reliability, you can trust that the SP2600 will provide dependable connectivity for all your tracking needs. One standout feature of the SP2600 is its optional 750mAh back-up battery, which allows for customization based on specific applications or use cases. This ensures that the device can continue to operate even in the event of a power outage or loss of connection. The SP2600 also boasts FOTA (Firmware Update OTA) capability, which allows for easy and convenient firmware updates over the air. This ensures that your device is always up to date with the latest features and enhancements. Additionally, the SP2600 features a 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, providing valuable data on vehicle movement and activity. It also has one input and one output (I/O), allowing for integration with other devices or systems. The SP2600 is available in two versions: 2G and 3G, covering all 5 bands of 3G communication. It is designed for 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicles and offers a quick and easy installation procedure. With its reliable connectivity, customizable features, and convenient firmware updates, the SkyPatrol SP2600 is the ideal GPS tracking device for your fleet or tracking needs.

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