SkyPatrol - SPL1204

The SkyPatrol SPL1204 Lock GPS Tracker is a powerful GPS/GSM tracker designed to create safer communities by providing accurate and reliable real-time tracking for monitoring offenders. This ankle tracker is equipped with the latest technology to ensure effective enforcement of home detention curfews. With its dual SIM card capability, the SPL1204 allows for flexible communication options, keeping the device connected to the call center at all times. The advanced firmware of this tracker enables seamless transmission of information via TCP, UDP, or SMS, providing communication flexibility for monitoring centers.

One outstanding feature of the SPL1204 is its compatibility with home iBeacons, which can be paired with the tracker to extend battery life and apply home detention if necessary. This GPS tracker also offers multiple temper detection mechanisms, ensuring the integrity of the device is maintained. With options for GPRS/HSPA/LTE modems, LBS location availability, and AGPS with a 56-channel high-sensitive module, the SPL1204 provides accurate and reliable location tracking. The LED indication and vibration feature further enhance the usability of this tracker.


  • GPS: Yes
  • Environmental:
  • Buttons: On Board
  • Electrical:
  • Physical:
  • Connectors, SIM Card Access:
  • Mounting:
  • Cellular:
  • Shank Bands:
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