SkyPatrol - SP8600

The SkyPatrol SP8600 series is a line of portable GPS trackers designed for easy installation and maximum flexibility. These cost-effective Plug & Play devices can be quickly and effortlessly moved from one vehicle to another within seconds. Simply plug the tracker into the vehicle's accessory/charger outlet, and you're ready to go. One of the standout features of the SP8600 series is its Quad band GMS modem technology, which allows the devices to be used anywhere in the world. This means that whether you're tracking a vehicle locally or internationally, the SP8600 series has you covered. Additionally, these trackers are equipped with a 3-Axis accelerometer and a G-Force Sensor, providing accurate and reliable data on vehicle movement and impact. The SP8600 series is perfect for a variety of applications. Vehicle rental companies can use these trackers to keep tabs on their fleet and ensure that vehicles are being used responsibly. Parents can monitor the driving habits of their teenage children, promoting safe and responsible driving. Businesses can track mileage for reimbursement purposes and validate fuel card usage. With the SP8600 series, obtaining trip data from any vehicle has never been easier.+

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