Meitrack - GT-30X

The Meitrack GT-30X is a compact and user-friendly GPS/GPRS-based personal tracking device. It is designed to provide accurate position data and send it to a specified mobile phone or server base using its built-in GPS and GSM capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for monitoring people or pets using the tracker.

One of the standout features of the GT-30X is its support for two-way voice communications. This means that the guardian can call the tracker or the tracker holder can activate the SOS button to establish communication. Additionally, the tracker can be configured to report its location at preset intervals, providing real-time tracking information.

The GT-30X also comes with internal memory, allowing it to store GPS coordinates when there is no GPRS connection. This is particularly useful in areas with poor network coverage. Furthermore, the tracker can store GPS coordinates at specified intervals upon user request.

With a wide range of functions and features, the GT-30X offers a comprehensive tracking solution. It supports SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP communication using the Meiligao protocol. It also features AGPS with GSM base station ID, track on demand, location display on mobile phones, tracking by time interval or distance, two-way audio, voice monitoring, GSM blind area memory, internal memory for logging, power-saving motion sensor, SOS panic button, movement alarm, geo-fencing control, low battery alarm, speeding alarm, GPS blind area alarm, and three buttons for making phone calls and/or sending messages. Additionally, it offers an optional built-in super magnet for easy installation.

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Set Up GT-30X


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is v7uf, this password is the default

  1. Set factory settings
  2. Set the GPRS server
  3. Set the time zone UTC-0
  4. Set the update interval every 1 minute
  5. Set events