Coban - GPS103

The Coban GPS103 is a versatile GPS tracker designed specifically for vehicles. It offers a wide range of functions including accurate positioning, security, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms, and tracking. With support for SMS, GPRS, and internet data transmission, this tracker can be used in various applications such as large-scale monitoring, emergency scheduling, location-based services, and traffic safety management.

Based on GSM/GPRS wireless telecommunication internet and GPS satellite global positioning system, the GPS103 allows for tracking through multiple methods. It comes with monitoring software and a global map, enabling real-time tracking through a PC or a PDA cell phone with the help of Google Earth. The tracker also offers features like authorization, single locating, auto track, smart track, GPS drift suppression, location-based service, data logging, and more.

With its comprehensive set of features, the Coban GPS103 is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to enhance the security and monitoring of their vehicles. Whether you need to track a single vehicle or manage a fleet, this GPS tracker provides the functionality and reliability you need.

Key Features:

  • Accurate positioning for vehicles
  • Supports SMS / GPRS / Internet data transmission
  • Real-time tracking through PC or PDA cell phone
  • GPS drift suppression for precise tracking
  • Location-based service (LBS) for enhanced functionality
  • Data logging and data load capabilities
  • Multiple alarm types including low battery, power off, GPS blind spot, SOS, geo-fence, movement, over speed, and more
  • Ability to cut off the oil and power system remotely
  • Arm and disarm functions for added security
  • Supports TCP/UDP switch and configuration via USB
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Set Up GPS103


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is hHHpel, this password is the default

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the time zone UTC-0
    time zonehHHpel 0
  3. Set the operator APN
    apnhHHpel {{apn}}
  4. Set the username and password of APN operator
    uphHHpel {{apnu}} {{apnp}}
  5. Set the GPRS Server
    adminiphHHpel 8888
  6. Set update interval
  7. Switch to GPRS mode to UDP or TCP

To check settings checkhHHpel

To enable the status of the fuel sensor or improve the transmission of the status of the digital sensors protocolhHHpel 18