TopTen - TK228

The TopTen TK228 is a versatile GPS tracker that combines multiple functions to provide comprehensive vehicle tracking and security features. With its plug-and-play design and OBD-II connector compatibility, it can be easily installed in any vehicle with an OBD-II connector, including those with CAN-BUS support. One of the standout features of the TK228 is its integration of GPS tracking, RFID car alarm, Bluetooth diagnostics, and wireless immobilizer. This means that not only can you track your vehicle's location and receive real-time updates on its speed, direction, and odometer, but you can also arm/disarm the alarm system using SMS, phone calls, or the included 2.4G RFID tag. The device also offers various alarm functions, such as movement alarm, over-speed alarm, geo-fence alarm, engine on alarm, power failure alarm, and vibration alarm, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any suspicious activity or potential threats to your vehicle's security. In addition to its security features, the TK228 also offers convenient functionalities like voice monitoring, keyless RFID car alarm, and accurate odometer and speed readings directly via CAN-BUS. It even includes a built-in shock sensor for power saving and triggering vibration alarms. The device also comes with a wireless immobilizer, allowing you to remotely stop the car in safe mode if necessary. Furthermore, the TK228 has a high reliable anti-tamper design, automatically locking the engine if the device is unplugged illegally. It also has a built-in rechargeable backup battery that can work for emergency check in case the car battery is cut off or damaged, ensuring continuous operation and immediate power failure alerts. With the TK228, you can access two kinds of location information: GPS coordinates and GSM base station code. It also offers remote diagnostics functionality, allowing you to transmit CAN data via Bluetooth or GPRS network. This includes real-time vehicle data such as battery voltage, RPM, speed, throttle opening, engine load, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, odometer, error codes, and acceleration/deceleration times. Additionally, you can access driver behavior data like ignition time, total driving time, total idling time, average engine hot-start time, average speed, history high speed, history RPM, total acceleration times, and total deceleration times. The TK228 even allows you to read and clear the vehicle's error codes via GPRS or Bluetooth.

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Set Up TK228


TopTen trackers work in 8aToC0 with the tracker ID that corresponds to the last 14 digits of the IMEI found in the TZk command, to configure the tracker send the following commands via text messages

Type IMEI number Your identifier is AVq2DlOCMdFC2XR8kh0iC
  1. Restore factory settings
  2. Set up the APN and GPRS server

To check the settings 111111WWW: