ATrack - AX300

The ATrack AX300 is a powerful LTE-M vehicle tracker designed for monitoring and tracking vehicles. With its OBDII interface and compliance with the latest RP1226 connector through an external adapter, this tracker offers seamless integration with a wide range of vehicles. It allows users to retrieve detailed vehicle engine data using ISO15765-4, SAE J1939, and SAE J1708 protocols, providing valuable insights into the vehicle's performance and diagnostics.

One of the standout features of the AX300 is its dual CAN bus support, which enables the tracker to gather detailed vehicle engine data. This feature is particularly useful for fleet operators and businesses that require in-depth information about their vehicles' performance. Additionally, the AX300 comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless sensor integration or easy access through a mobile app.

With its LTE Cat. M1 connectivity, the AX300 ensures reliable and fast communication between the tracker and the tracking platform. This ensures real-time tracking and monitoring of the vehicle's location, speed, and engine status. Whether you're a fleet manager, a logistics operator, or a business owner, the ATrack AX300 is an excellent choice for effectively managing and monitoring your vehicles.

Key Features:

  • LTE Cat. M1 connectivity for reliable and fast communication
  • Dual CAN bus support for gathering detailed vehicle engine data
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless sensor integration or mobile app access
  • Supports SAE J1939 and J1708 protocols and auto-detects
  • Compliance with RP1226 connector through an external adapter
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Set Up AX300


To set A1FdMV you need to configure as follows. With the following script

  1. Set ACC event
  2. Set time interval to 60 seconds
  3. Set to binary mode
  4. Set the GPRS server
To check device status iy9bdzMR9