ArkNav - AT-9000

The ArkNav AT-9000 is a long operation container tracker designed specifically for container tracking and dispatch. Unlike other assets, tracking containers can be challenging due to the lack of external power supply and poor signal reception in operating environments. However, the AT-9000 is equipped with the latest GPS and GSM solutions, highly sensitive internal antennas, and a swappable battery pack, making it ideal for managing containers, trailers, large equipment, and point of service machines.

One of the key features of the AT-9000 is its ability to withstand harsh operating environments. Containers are often stacked up in ports or on ships where line-of-sight is poor, and temperature changes can be dramatic. However, the AT-9000's waterproof and heatproof plastic casing, advanced AGPS and cell location solutions, and high-quality rechargeable battery allow it to function reliably in these rough conditions. With superb power management and configurable operating profiles, the AT-9000 can keep pinning locations once an hour for up to 120 days.

Business owners will benefit greatly from using the AT-9000. It provides improved visibility of containers, increased container dispatch efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and eliminates the risk of missing containers. The simplicity of its design and user interface makes it easy to maintain for field operators, reducing the chances of malfunction. Overall, the AT-9000 is a fit-and-forget product that offers customers peace of mind when it comes to container tracking and management.

Key Features:

  • Large swappable battery pack
  • Waterproof rating IP67
  • Heatproof casing, up to 85 degrees
  • No-power-button design
  • Activated by timer and movement
  • Pin-point accurate cell locations
  • AGPS
  • Request current location simply by making a phone call
  • Tracking once an hour under timer activation mode, operating time up to 120 days
  • Superb power management
  • SMS Google Maps hyperlinks to cell phones
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