ArkNav - R-9W


Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker

ARKNAV's R-9PRO Vehicle GPS Tracker and GPS car locator are designed for vehicle security and fleet management. Its rugged metal casing and wide range temperature operation are designed to withstand severe environments. R-9PRO Vehicle GPS Tracker is equipped with 13 configurable I/O cables, which allow fleet administrators to monitor not only the whereabouts but also the status of the vehicles with R-9PRO GPS tracker. 

Apart from the standard accessories, ARKNAV also designed many optional accessories for R-9PRO Vehicle GPS Tracker, such as temperature sensors, and hands-free speakers & microphone. Please go to the accessories page to find out more. R-9PRO Vehicle GPS Tracker has waterproof version -- R-9W V2 Vehicle GPS Tracker.


  • 1. Built in motion switch (activated by G-Force).
  • 2. Detect external power loss.
  • 3. Multi-task allows saving/reading GPS and GSM data at the same time.
  • 4. Smart tracking with distance and angle tracking.
  • 5. Accurate distance measurement using GPS data.
  • 6. Upload firmware or configuration to multiple units over the air.
  • 7. Vehicle immobilizer via phone or browser.
  • 8. Analog input for temp/fuel monitoring.
  • 9. I-BUTTON connection option.
  • 10. IP-67 waterproof standard.
  • 11. Custom ACK mechanism between device and server.
  • 12. Support FTP.


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