ArkNav - K-18U

The ArkNav K-18U is a GPS data logger that offers accurate GPS satellite tracking and data logging capabilities. Designed for recording journeys and tracking assets, the K-18U GPS Data Logger records the time, date, and GPS locations every second. It stores complete GPS NMEA sentences, providing users with the freedom to analyze or utilize the data in any way they want.

One of the standout features of the K-18U GPS Data Logger is its cost-effectiveness. The standard product package includes free testing software called K-18S Tracking Log Management Software. When used together, the K-18U GPS Data Logger and K-18S software create a cost-effective tracking solution that can be used for monitoring employees, company assets, and fleets.

With the ArkNav K-18U GPS Data Logger, there is no need for installation of drivers or software. It is compatible with most micro SD cards, offering unlimited data storage capacity. The device saves GPS NMEA sentences (GPRMC and GPGGA) and automatically organizes files in chronological order. It can be easily connected to a computer as a removable flash drive. Additionally, the K-18U GPS Data Logger allows for configurable motion sensitivity and data logging time intervals, giving users control over how the device operates. Optional data checksum is also available for added data integrity.

Overall, the ArkNav K-18U GPS Data Logger is a reliable and cost-effective solution for recording journeys and tracking assets. With its accurate GPS tracking capabilities and flexible data logging options, it is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike.

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