ArkNav - CT-X8

The ArkNav CT-X8 Container Lock GPS Tracker is a cutting-edge device designed to enhance the security and visibility of containers during transit. With hundreds of trucks transporting containers between ports and warehouses every day, it is crucial to have a reliable tracking system in place to prevent theft and ensure the integrity of cargo. The CT-X8 is equipped with the latest GPS technology, featuring highly sensitive internal GPS and GSM antennas for accurate and real-time tracking.

One of the standout features of the CT-X8 is its rugged and waterproof locking mechanism, which can withstand harsh operating environments. The device can be easily attached to container doors from the outside using tampering cables wired around door handles. Unlike traditional container seals and locks, the CT-X8 provides proof of tampering, allowing users to track when and where any unauthorized access occurred in real time. This eliminates the need for travel escorts from customs officials and provides a more efficient and secure solution for cargo transportation.

The CT-X8 offers a range of features to enhance its functionality and usability. It has a large battery capacity, ensuring long-lasting performance. The stainless steel lock mechanism provides durability and reliability. With a waterproof rating of IP67, the device can withstand exposure to water and other elements. It is also heatproof, capable of operating in temperatures up to 85 degrees. The CT-X8 has a no-power-button design, making it impossible for anyone to switch it off accidentally or intentionally. It boasts superb power management, allowing users to configure the operating profile and choose the frequency of location updates. Additionally, the device can send SMS Google Maps hyperlinks to cell phones, providing convenient access to real-time tracking information.

The ArkNav CT-X8 Container Lock GPS Tracker is an invaluable tool for customs and logistics operators, offering improved visibility of assets, streamlined customs processes, and faster cargo deliveries. Its user-friendly interface reduces false alarms and the chances of malfunction, ensuring a reliable and efficient tracking solution for high-value or high-risk transit cargo containers.

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