ArkNav - IR-7

The ARKNAV IR-7 Satellite GSM Hybrid GPS Tracker is a cutting-edge tracking solution designed to provide reliable real-time tracking in even the harshest and most remote environments. This tracker is specifically built to excel in marine, desert, and mountainous areas where GSM signal reception may be limited. One of the standout features of the IR-7 is its built-in Iridium satellite module, which offers true global coverage with its network of 66 low orbiting satellites. This means that no matter where your assets are located, you can receive and send data without any limitations. The Iridium satellite network also consumes less power compared to GSM transmission in roaming areas, ensuring efficient and long-lasting performance. The IR-7 is a hybrid tracker, integrating both GSM/GPRS and satellite networks for a comprehensive tracking solution. This allows for seamless switching between networks depending on signal availability, ensuring continuous real-time data output. With 4 inputs and 4 outputs, the IR-7 offers extensive connectivity to sensors, making it a versatile solution for various tracking applications. In terms of durability, the IR-7 boasts a rugged design with an IP-67 waterproof rating, making it resistant to water and dust. It also features enhanced power input protection with ISO7637, providing reliable power range from 9 to 48V. Additionally, the tracker offers advanced features such as time/distance/angle triggering, main power loss detection, automatic message saving and resending, battery backup, and support for up to 5 roaming partners. With FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) and COTA (Configuration Over the Air) capabilities, the IR-7 ensures easy and convenient updates and configuration changes. It also supports data transmission through SMS, GPRS, and satellite, giving you multiple options for communication. Whether you need to track assets in remote areas or ensure global coverage for your tracking needs, the ARKNAV IR-7 Satellite GSM Hybrid GPS Tracker is a reliable and versatile solution.

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