TZone - TZ-AVL05

The TZone TZ-AVL05 GPS tracker is a versatile and reliable device that allows you to track your vehicle's location and monitor its status in real-time. With its compact design and easy installation, this tracker is suitable for a wide range of applications, including personal vehicles, fleet management, and asset tracking. One of the standout features of the TZ-AVL05 is its ability to track your vehicle using software or a cell phone. This gives you the flexibility to monitor your vehicle's location and receive updates wherever you are. Additionally, the tracker offers various alarm features, including over-speed alarm, low power alarm, and geo-fence alarm, ensuring that you stay informed about any potential issues with your vehicle. The TZ-AVL05 also comes with a roaming feature, which helps save costs when using the tracker in different regions. It supports GPRS (TCP/UDP) and SMS communication, allowing you to easily receive data and control the tracker remotely. The device is equipped with a backup battery, providing up to 12 hours of working time, and it can be upgraded via GPRS for firmware updates. In terms of special features, the TZ-AVL05 supports commands to the device via GPRS, allowing you to send specific instructions and receive responses. It also offers SMS link for Google Maps, making it convenient to view your vehicle's location on the map. The tracker has a 32Mb flash memory for storing data, and it can calculate mileage for accurate tracking. Additionally, it supports fuel/oil level detection, temperature sensors (optional), and has a built-in microphone for two-way conversation. With its reliable performance and advanced features, the TZone TZ-AVL05 GPS tracker is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance the security and monitoring of their vehicles or assets. Whether you need to track a single vehicle or manage a fleet, this tracker provides the functionality and convenience you need.

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Set Up TZ-AVL05


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

  1. Set the operator APN
  2. Set the update interval 60 seconds
  3. Set the GPRS server
  4. Activate the GPRS mode