Teltonika - FMB640-FMB641

The Teltonika FMB640 is a versatile GPS tracker designed for professional applications. It is equipped with advanced features that allow it to perform multiple tasks, making it ideal for complex solutions. With support for FMS CAN data (J1939), fuel CAN data (J1708), tachograph live data (K-line), and remote tachograph file download, the FMB640 is suitable for a wide range of industries including international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction, mining, security, and emergency services.

One of the standout features of the FMB640 is its compatibility with various third-party RS232 or RS485 devices, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems. Additionally, the device supports Dual-SIM or eSIM functionality, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted connectivity. The FMB640 also features an accelerometer for enhanced sensor capabilities.

The Teltonika FMB641 is an updated version of the popular FMB640 model. It boasts a more powerful processor, enabling it to handle more specific use cases. The FMB641 also offers switchable CAN terminators, making it compatible with CAN networks with numerous nodes. Furthermore, it can be powered via USB, simplifying the configuration process.

Both the FMB640 and FMB641 come with a wide range of features to maximize fleet efficiency. These include green/eco driving, over speeding detection, jamming detection, excessive idling detection, towing detection, crash detection, immobilizer, iButton read notification, auto geofencing, manual geofencing, trip detection, odometer, fuel counter, GNSS unplug detection, DDD download and Tacho online data, offline tracking, and voice call capabilities.

In terms of supported peripherals, the FMB640 and FMB641 are compatible with RFID RS232, RFID 1-Wire, iButton 1-Wire, and temperature 1-Wire devices. They also support Continental tire pressure measurement sensors for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

With sleep modes such as GPS sleep, online deep sleep, and deep sleep, the FMB640 and FMB641 offer power-saving options to extend battery life. Configuration and firmware updates can be easily performed using FOTA web or the Teltonika Configurator. SMS and GPRS commands are available for configuration, event notifications, DOUT control, and debugging purposes.

Time synchronization can be achieved through GPS, NITZ, or NTP, ensuring accurate and reliable timekeeping. Fuel monitoring is made possible with support for various fuel sensors including LLS (analog), digital LLS (RS232, RS485), LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, CAN FMS (J1939, J1708), and ultrasonic level sensors.

Ignition detection can be done using digital input, accelerometer, or external power voltage. The FMB640 and FMB641 also offer multiple RS232 and RS485 modes for different communication requirements, including log mode, NMEA, LLS, LCD, RFID HID/MF7, Garmin FMI, TCP ASCII/Binary, TCP ASCII/Binary (Buffered), Rec to LCD, Atol Tachograph, UL202-2 Fuel Sensor, TSM232 Satellite backup, and Carrier Freezer.

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