Teltonika - FMC125

The Teltonika FMC125 is a small and advanced GPS tracker that offers 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage with fallback compatibility to 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM). It is equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE modules, as well as internal GNSS and LTE antennas. This device is part of Teltonika's ADVANCED series and is built on the existing FMB platform, which means it retains all the functionalities of the FMB125 and adds industry-leading connectivity coverage.

The FMC125 is designed for communication with various third-party RS232 or RS485 devices, such as digital fuel sensors (LLS), Garmin navigation devices, RFID readers, and more. It is particularly suitable for refrigerated transport due to its extended input/output set and 1-wire interface for temperature monitoring. Additionally, the FMC125 features a Dual-SIM capability, providing a backup communication channel in areas where the coverage of a single operator is not sufficient and helping to reduce roaming costs.

Some of the outstanding features of the Teltonika FMC125 include:

  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • Scenarios: Green Driving, Over Speeding detection, GNSS Fuel Counter, DOUT Control Via Call, Excessive Idling detection, Immobilizer, iButton Read Notification, Unplug detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Auto Geofence, Manual Geofence, Trip
  • Sleep modes: GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep
  • Configuration and firmware update: FOTA Web, FOTA, Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth), FMBT mobile application (Configuration)
  • SMS: Configuration, Events, DOUT control, Debug
  • GPRS commands: Configuration, DOUT control, Debug
  • Time Synchronization: GNSS, NITZ, NTP
  • Fuel monitoring: LLS (Analog), Digital LLS (RS232, RS485), LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, OBDII dongle
  • Ignition detection: Digital Input 1, Accelerometer, External Power Voltage, Engine RPM (CAN Adapters, OBDII dongle)
  • RS232 Modes: Log Mode, NMEA, LLS, LCD, RFID HID/MF7, Garmin FMI, TCP ASCII/Binary
  • RS485 Modes: Log Mode, NMEA, LLS, TCP ASCII/Binary
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