Teltonika - FMM640

The Teltonika FMM640 is a professional GPS tracker that offers worldwide connectivity with LTE CAT M1, NB IoT technology. This advanced device is compatible with the newest and most cost-efficient technologies, making it a versatile and reliable choice for various applications. Whether you need to track vehicles for international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction, mining, or security and emergency services, the FMM640 has you covered.

One of the standout features of the FMM640 is its extensive range of functionalities and supported peripherals. It offers movement detection and accelerometer capabilities, allowing you to monitor the movement and behavior of your fleet. The tracker also supports various scenarios such as Green/Eco Driving, Over Speeding detection, Excessive Idling detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Immobilizer, and iButton Read Notification.

Additionally, the FMM640 offers functionalities like Auto Geofencing, Manual Geofencing, Trip detection, Odometer, Fuel counter, GNSS Unplug Detection, DDD download and Tacho online data, and Offline tracking. It also supports a wide range of peripherals including Garmin, RFID RS232, RFID 1-Wire, iButton 1-Wire, Temperature 1-Wire, LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, CAN FMS (J1939, J1708), K-line data, Continental tire pressure measurement sensor, Iridium SBD (TSM232), Carrier freezer, Log Mode, NMEA, TCP ASCII/Binary, Temperature and humidity sensor, and Universal BLE sensors.

The FMM640 also offers sleep modes such as GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, and Deep Sleep, allowing you to conserve battery life when needed. It supports configuration and firmware updates through FOTA Web and Teltonika Configurator, and can be controlled and monitored through SMS and GPRS commands. Time synchronization is available through GNSS, NITZ, and NTP, ensuring accurate tracking and data recording. The tracker also features fuel monitoring capabilities with support for LLS (Analog), Digital LLS (RS232, RS485), LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, CAN FMS, and Ultrasonic level sensor. Ignition detection can be done through Digital Input, Accelerometer, and External Power Voltage.

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