Teltonika - FMU130

The Teltonika FMU130 is a small and professional real-time tracking terminal that offers GNSS and 3G/GSM connectivity, as well as a backup battery. This device is equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and 3G modules, internal GNSS and 3G antennas, and configurable digital and analog inputs, digital outputs, negative input, and impulse inputs. It is the perfect solution for applications that require remote object location acquisition, such as fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, and personal cars.

One of the standout features of the FMU130 is its wide range of sensors and scenarios. It comes with an accelerometer, allowing for precise motion detection and monitoring. It also offers various scenarios including Green Driving, Over Speeding detection, GNSS Fuel Counter, DOUT Control Via Call, Excessive Idling detection, Immobilizer, iButton Read Notification, Unplug detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Auto Geofence, Manual Geofence, and Trip scenarios. These features make the FMU130 a versatile and powerful tracking terminal.

In addition to its impressive sensor capabilities, the FMU130 also offers different sleep modes to optimize power consumption. These sleep modes include GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Ultra Deep Sleep. This allows for efficient power management and extended battery life.

The FMU130 can be easily configured and updated through various methods, including FOTA Web, FOTA, Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth), and the FMBT mobile application. It also supports SMS commands for configuration, events, DOUT control, and debugging. GPRS commands are also available for configuration, DOUT control, and debugging.

Other notable features of the FMU130 include time synchronization options (GNSS, NITZ, NTP), fuel monitoring capabilities (LLS Analog, LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, OBDII dongle), and ignition detection through various inputs such as Digital Input 1, Accelerometer, External Power Voltage, and Engine RPM (CAN Adapters, OBDII dongle).

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