Teltonika - FMB120

The Teltonika FMB120 is a small and professional GPS tracker designed for various applications where location acquisition of remote objects is needed. With its internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas, this tracker is capable of collecting device coordinates and other useful data and transferring them via the GSM network to a server. It is an ideal choice for fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, and personal cars, among others.

The FMB120 offers a range of features that make it a versatile and reliable tracking solution. It is equipped with an accelerometer sensor, allowing it to detect and monitor various scenarios such as green driving, over speeding, jamming, excessive idling, towing, and crash detection. It also supports features like GNSS fuel counter, DOUT control via call, iButton read notification, and both auto and manual geofencing.

In terms of sleep modes, the FMB120 offers GPS sleep, online deep sleep, deep sleep, and ultra deep sleep options, allowing for efficient power management and extended battery life. Configuration and firmware updates can be easily done through FOTA web, FOTA, Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth), or the FMBT mobile application.

With support for SMS and GPRS commands, the FMB120 allows for easy configuration, event notifications, DOUT control, and debugging. It also offers time synchronization options through GPS, NITZ, and NTP. Fuel monitoring is possible through various methods such as LLS (Analog), LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, and OBDII dongle. Ignition detection can be done using digital input 1, accelerometer, external power voltage, and engine RPM (CAN Adapters, OBDII dongle).

The Teltonika FMB120 is a reliable and feature-rich GPS tracker that offers precise location tracking and a wide range of functionalities. Whether you need to track a fleet of vehicles or monitor the location of personal cars, the FMB120 is a versatile solution that can meet your needs.

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