Teltonika - FM 4200

The Teltonika FM 4200 is a versatile GPS tracker with GSM connectivity, designed for applications where remote object location acquisition is required. With its GPS and GSM capabilities, this device can accurately determine the coordinates of an object and transmit them via the GSM network. It is equipped with additional inputs and outputs, allowing for control and monitoring of other devices on remote objects. The FM 4200 features a 1-Wire® interface for connecting a Dallas digital thermometer or IButton reader, as well as a CAN interface for data acquisition from trucks with FMS interface. It also includes an RS232 port for NMEA output and configuration, which can be used for communication with peripheral devices using special firmware.

The FM 4200 is packed with impressive features that make it a reliable and efficient GPS tracker. It is equipped with a Teltonika TM1 dual band module for GSM communication, supporting GPRS class 10 and SMS capabilities. The GPS functionality is powered by a uBlox NEO-5M 50 channel receiver, offering -160 dBm sensitivity for accurate positioning. The hardware features of the FM 4200 include an ARM7 TDMI processor, 1 MB internal Flash memory, built-in CAN-BUS support, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an internal backup battery.

With its wide range of interface features, the FM 4200 offers flexibility and compatibility with various devices and systems. It has a power supply range of 10-30V and includes an RS232 port, audio port, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 open collector outputs, fuel counter inputs, 1Wire® temperature sensor, 1Wire® iButton, external battery input, and 2 status LEDs. The FM 4200 also boasts special features such as event triggers for external sensors, smart profile switching, highly configurable data acquisition and sending, multiple geofence areas, sleep mode, deep sleep mode, real-time process monitoring, authorized number list for remote access, firmware update via GPRS or RS232 port, configuration update via GPRS, SMS, or RS232 port, and support for TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols. With a storage capacity of 7500 records, the FM 4200 ensures that valuable data is securely stored.

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