Welcome to Plaspy help

Plaspy is a GPS satellite tracking service for vehicles, motorcycles, cargo, cell phones, etc. It is compatible with a great variety of trackers and has a mobile application for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The principal objective is to provide a reliable, safe, effective and economical service, which provides users with multiple useful tools for the optimal management of the tracking service. It features a web platform with fundamental tools such as: The handling of statistics, alerts, reports, sensors, accessories etc, that will keep your system updated along with the constant management of your devices.

For Plaspy, it is important to provide the best service to its users taking into account their needs. For this reason, it is essential to discover and manage all the benefits that you acquire when you become part of this service.  

In the following manual you will find everything related to the operation, benefits and controls of Plaspy. You will find step-by-step user guides and multimedia files that will facilitate the management of the platform and the tools provided for you.

To access the help services, scroll down the menu at the top right, where you will find the help menu.