On Devices you can view or modify the devices associated with your account.

By devices you can add different types of devices such as trackers or phone, to add a new device is only necessary to assign a name by which you recognize and the device ID, the identifier can be the IMEI or other number assigned by the manufacturer of your device, to add these phones are added through the first mobile application that opens Plaspy on the phone, except Blackberry which is added by the IMEI.

Only for phones, you need to download our App from Plaspy tienda de aplicaciones your mobile device. Log in to your account or sign PLASPY order to add the device. The Plaspy phone application has additional options as time of transmission, option to track the phone or use the application to keep track and control other devices. The permissions that the phone has on its account, the default is none, it is necessary to authorize the user account or the phone with the permissions that fit the desired profile. The profiles can be created and configured in the option assigned to the device or user.

All devices out their current tour in kilometers, this configuration starts at 0 kilometers when the device is first set up in Plaspy, but can be changed once the device has begun notifying their position in Plaspy, these kilometers are approximate and may be very far from reality, to see how it calculates the route can consult in Mileage Calculation.

Plaspy automatically detects which type of device is connected to your account information on the type of device appears, this information may be different from your device, the types that can appear for example is Android, IOS, Xexun, TK103, GPS103, GT06, etc . This is based on the communication protocol used by the tracker and do not necessarily match the make and model.


The information section you can storage generic information about the device like device phone number, contact name, etc. Map Marker Text: is a text shown on the popup when you click over the marker on the map.

Sensors Name

You can customize the sensors name for the device


Plaspy detects automatically the device's protocol and adds the default commands by GPRS, you can add more commands and custom commands GPRS or SMS. The GPRS commands in the most cases are not the same SMS commands, for more information please check the user manual. If your command is not ASCII you can use a Hex format, for example, 0x68656C6C6F to send hello or 448378203247 to your device.

To send SMS commands is mandatory the device number setup, this commands only can send by mobile app, always you have installed Plaspy App and the phone have the privilege to send commands

You can create commands templates, to add to new devices, to save type the template name in the save as textbox and save with the save button.
If you want to restore the default commands delete all commands and Plaspy shows the default commands if you don't want show commands, you can disable enabling the Disable Commands option


You can add quickly the expiration alerts by date or mileage, these alerts trigger only one time, you can use the reminders for maintenance, insurances, etc.



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