Email alerts sending limits

Plaspy is committed to maintaining the proper functioning of its systems and ensuring the security of user accounts. To achieve this, Plaspy has implemented limits on the volume of emails that can be sent through its platform. These limits are necessary to prevent system abuse and ensure that all users can benefit from efficient and secure service.

The established limits restrict both the number of messages a user can send per day and the number of recipients that can be included in a single message. It is important for users to understand these limits to avoid interruptions in alert sending and to optimize the use of the email notification system.

Sending Limits

  • Frequency of Sending the Same Alert: The same alert can be notified via email every two minutes. Plaspy will omit consecutive identical alerts that are repeated continuously, increasing the sending interval by a factor of 2. For example, if an alert repeats within those two minutes, the next notification will arrive in 4 minutes. If it continues repeating in those 4 minutes, the next notification will arrive in 8 minutes, and so on.

  • Number of Messages per Day: Users are limited in the number of messages they can send daily. This limit ensures that the system is not overloaded and that all users can send and receive alerts in a timely manner.

  • Number of Recipients per Message: There is also a limit on the number of recipients that can be included in a single alert message. This helps prevent mass emailing and maintains the system's efficiency.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Identify Important Alerts: Notify only the alerts that are truly important to avoid reaching the sending limits quickly. For example, avoid sending repetitive vibration alerts.

  2. Verify and Correct Alerts: If an alert is sent continuously, it is necessary to verify and correct the cause. Continuous repetition of an alert may indicate a device malfunction or incorrect configuration.

  3. Manage Alerts: If you do not want to receive a particular alert by email, deactivate the corresponding notification or delete the alert if it is not needed.

Validations and Restrictions

  • Continuous Access: Even if sending limits are exceeded, users will still have access to their accounts and can receive alerts through the map on the Plaspy platform.
  • Automatic Recovery: After the restricted time period has passed, the sending limits will automatically recover, allowing users to resume sending email alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I exceed the sending limits? If you exceed the email alert sending limits, you will not be able to send new messages until the restricted time period has passed. However, you will still have access to your account and can receive alerts through the map on Plaspy.

Can I change the sending limits? No, the sending limits are not configurable by users. They are set by Plaspy to ensure the proper functioning of the system and the security of accounts.

How can I avoid exceeding the sending limits? To avoid exceeding the sending limits, notify only important alerts and verify the reasons behind repetitive alerts. Deactivate or delete alerts that are not necessary to avoid continuous notification sending.

By following these recommendations and understanding the established limits, you can optimize the use of the email alert system in Plaspy and ensure that important notifications always arrive on time.


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