In Plaspy there are several types of alerts among which are: GeoFences or also called permitted and prohibited zones.

To access the geofences, it is necessary to go to the left panel, in the alerts option, and the following options will be displayed:  

To access the GeoFences, it is necessary to select this option. The following tab will be displayed:

Zone Types:

Permitted zones: The device will not be able to leave the zone you select.

 Prohibited zones: The device will not be able to enter the zone you select.

 Control zones: Alert when the device enters this zone.

 Control point: Alert when the device is located in this zone, the control point has a radius of 200 meters.

 Route: Alert when the device enters an already selected route, the margin of the route is 200 meters on each side of the route.

To create a GeoFence: Select the type of zone you are going to create, once selected you can name it. You can mark the boundaries of the zone by clicking on the map, distributing the boundary points with each click. You will be able to draw the zone with the markers you consider necessary.

Move a marker: You can move a marker as many times as necessary, just drag it to where you want.

Delete a marker: To delete a marker you just need to click on the marker you want to delete.

Add a new zone:To add a new zone we just select the allowed, prohibited, control or control point zone option and it will give us the option to draw a new zone, when we finish editing our zones we press the apply button, which will apply the edited zones to the devices that are selected.