Mileage Calculation

The vehicle's route is an approximation based on the positions sent by the tracker to calculate the location. For example, when calculating the route, it is based only on straight lines; if a road has curves, these will not be taken into account.

If the vehicle travels a closed circle and returns to the original position, for the system it is a 0. To see how the route is calculated you can compare the examples of the graphs, where in blue you will see the real route of the vehicle and in red the calculated route of the vehicle based on the transmission points explained above.


Blue the actual path of the vehicle
Red travel reported to Plaspy

Example 1

Example 2


To improve location and route calculation it is necessary to decrease the transmission time. Ideally, you should transmit every millisecond to improve accuracy, but as we know, that is not possible. The goal is to decrease the transmission time as much as possible, keeping a balance between your data plan, the device battery and the processor of your device. The more positions you send, the more data, battery and processor you will need.

It is important to take into account data plan and device battery issues.