The statistics can be made in the range of dates that we want to consult, we can filter them by groups or by devices. This allows you to know the operation of your devices, their performance and others. 
The type of statistics that you will be able to perform are the following:

  • Kilometers traveled, shows the kilometers traveled by each device every day.
  • Comsumed Fuel, shows fuel consumption per vehicle day.
  • Stops count: reports the count number of the device is stopped
  • Alerts Generated, displays alerts that were generated in a date range this time, whether they are notified or not the mail.
  • Temperature: Shows a detailed temperature in the date-time range.
  • Static Time: shows the accumulated time when the device is static.
  • Movement time: shows the accumulated time when the device is in motion.
  • Sensor 1 activated: shows the accumulated time when the sensor 1 is activated
  • Sensor 2 activated: shows the accumulated time when the sensor 2 is activated

To access the statistics, you must follow the steps below:

  1. In the menu at the top you will see the World icon . Once you select it, a small dialog box will open, where you will have to choose the Statistics option .

  2. In the statistics generated we can see a graph of the day-to-day behavior of the selected devices, the results will be totalized by the information generated in the report. You can consult this information online or save it in Microsoft Excel format. Below, you will see a preview of the statistics.

  3. In the upper panel, you can find the necessary tools to configure the statistics you want to see. It is important that you know the help provided by each of them.

  • Date: With this option you can modify the range of dates for which you want to see the statistics. 
  • Group: You can select the group of devices for which you want to see the statistics. 
  • Device: You can choose the devices to which the selected options will be applied.
  •  Type: Plaspy offers you multiple types of statistics, allowing you to keep control of your device. 
  • Update: For your changes to take effect, you need to click on the update button, so that all the settings you have just made in this panel will be applied automatically.
  •  Save: This option allows you to save the changes or settings you have made. 

Plaspy also shows you a summary of each type of statistics on each group or device, by looking for the summary option at the bottom right of the Plaspy page. You can change the type, in the panel above.