This option allows you to keep track of the movements and configurations of the devices associated to your Plaspy account, you can also add trackers or phones to your user. 

All devices will be able to see the current track in kilometers. The mileage will be set to 0 from the first configuration, but you can change it once the device has started reporting its position in Plaspy. These kilometers traveled are approximate and may present some variations, to see how the trip is calculated you can check it in Mileage calculation.

Plaspy automatically detects what type of device is connected to your account, this information may be different depending on your device. Some examples of the types are: Android, IOS, Xexun, TK103, GPS103, GT06, etc. This is based on the communication protocol the tracker uses and does not necessarily match the make and model.

To access you should look for the devices option  OR you can also access through the Left Panel.


New device:

You will need to add your device name, IMEI or Sim Card identifier and description; where you can add descriptive information about your devices.

Marker: You can change the icon that will be displayed on the map. 

  Information: In the information option the following tab will open where you will have to add the required data. 

  •  Creation: There is the record of the creation date of the device. 
  • Last connection: The time and date of the last connection registered by Plaspy. 
  • Phone number: You will see the phone number with which your user is registered.
  • Marker text: It is the informative text that appears when clicking on the device marker on the map.
  • Debug device: You will be able to delete the added information. 

 Sensors: When this option is displayed, the following tab will open, which shows us a survey of the tools of our device, in order to be aware of important data. 

  • Mileage: This tool has a detailed record of the mileage your device has traveled. 
  • Fuel consumption: You will be able to see how much fuel your device has, and thus calculate the next refueling. 
  • Tank capacity: Displays the tank capacity available.

/ Commands: This option allows you to edit, delete or send commands to your device, allowing you to customize the service to suit your needs. When you click on the tab, the following dialog box will be displayed. 

  •  Phone number: We will be able to see again the phone number, and thus make sure to which device we send the commands. 
  • Default commands: Shows a short list of the default commands for your device. 
  • List of commands: All the commands we have will appear, together with the function they perform and a box that allows us to delete them whenever we want. A single click is enough to send the command directly to your device. 
  • Save commands as: Allows you to create new command templates, according to the needs of each user. 
  • Disable commands: You will be able to disable the commands you want as many times as necessary. 
  • Sent commands: You will see a list showing the commands that have been sent to your device. You have a variety of options for the sent commands. 

 Reminders: When you click on the reminders dialog box, the following dialog box will be displayed.

This tool allows you to set reminders or alerts that will arrive via email. You can choose the date you want your reminder to arrive, or if you prefer to choose the mileage range for the alert. 

Alerts: The dialog box for alerts is as follows: 

 These alerts will also arrive via email, and their main purpose is to notify you based on the alerts you have created. These notifications will be activated only once, you can use the reminders for insurance expiration, renewals, maintenance, etc.

If you want to learn more about how the alerts function, click here. 

  Limits: This option allows us to designate the limits of emails that will reach our device. 

 When you exit the advanced settings, you return to this tab where the updated data is displayed in detail and as a shortcut. And just click on the plaspy logo or the icon  to return to the map. 

Plaspy automatically detects the protocol of the tracker and adds the most used commands of the protocol via GPRS. You can also add custom commands either via GPRS or SMS. Normally GPRS commands are not the same as SMS commands, you need to consult your user manual. If your command cannot be represented by ASCII you can use hexadecimal for example 0x686F6C61 to send hello or 1752132705 to your tracker.

For phones only: You need to download our Plaspy App from the app store of your mobile device. Once the app is open, log in to your account or register with Plaspy, this way you will add new devices to your tracking service.

The Plaspy phone app has additional options such as airtime, option to track the phone or use the app to keep track and control other devices. The application will have permissions on your account disabled, you need to authorize the permissions that fit the desired profile. Profiles can be created and configured in the option assigned to the device or user.