A group allows us to group the devices of a user, in order to make the management more organized. The groups have the following functions: 

  • Filter on the map all the devices that belong to the same group.
  • Limit the devices to which our users have access.
  • Limit the devices to which cell phones or tablets have access.

To create a group just follow the instructions below. 

1. Look for the gears at the top right and select them. As a result you will see a new tab, where you must select the groups option. 

2. Selecting the groups option will open a new dialog box with several tools for creating and managing your groups. The dialog box looks like this. 

3. Select the icon , which will open the following dialog box that will allow you to create the groups you want.

4. In the name box, you can name your group as you see fit, and in the description, you can put relevant information about your groups or descriptive information. In the device box, you can select the devices that you want to be part of the group you are creating, and you can choose them using the search bar below. This will allow you to select the devices that are associated with your user.

5. Once you save the changes to a group, it will be saved and created. 

Another way to enter the groups to edit or create them is to look for the following icon in the left panel: It represents the groups function. Selecting it will open the dialog box of step 2