Share Access

With shared access you can create temporary access to third parties without a password by means of a URL. You can define the time range, during which you will be able to access in read mode, as soon as the time expires, the read mode expires. The users will only be able to consult the trips, statistics in the date range enabled above, and the devices that belong to the selected group. gears , Shared Access .

Once this option is selected, the following dialog box will open, where you can see the created shortcuts and all their information. You can also edit and create in the icon that has the following options. 

You can also edit and create in the icon , which has the following options.

Name: In this field you must select the name of the person who will have shared access to your devices and information. 

Email: This field is optional, if you wish to fill it in, a link for the user will be notified by email, this link can be consulted at the time of creation or when editing the access.

Group: If you want the shared access to be for a whole group of devices, simply select the group you want. 

Description: In this field you can add important information about the shared access you are creating. 

Expires: You can select the date on which you want the shared access to end, so that the session expires.