Left panel

The left panel contains most of the tools you will need to take advantage of all the services provided by Plaspy. It will be of great help to navigate on the map.

Left Panel Tools:

The panel is located on the left side of the map, there you can find all the devices that are linked to your account. 

By hovering the cursor over any user's icon, you will see a detailed list of battery, mileage, last connection, location, fuel level and movement. With the information provided by this tool, you will be able to keep control of your devices from anywhere.

Each user has multiple tools, which you can discover by clicking on this option. 

The following list of options will be displayed.

Route: With this option you will be able to know the route your vehicle has taken, the time intervals that record movement are between 1 hour and 3 days before.

Last location: With this option, you can access the last location of your device or all of your user's devices.

Send command: This option allows you to edit, delete or send commands to your device, allowing the customization of the service to suit every need. Each device has a different configuration and commands that can be customized by the user and that send the command from the Plaspy platform to your device as long as both have a network connection.

Configuration: In this tab, you will find some sub-tabs that will allow you to edit your service with many customization options.

Name: With this option you can change the name of your device.

Icon: This platform offers you the option to change the preview icon on the map and in the navigation bar.

Alerts: The alerts or reminders service allows you to send, edit, create and schedule them to be received via email.

Geofences: With this option you can decide the routes, roads or locations that will be prohibited, enabled, and by means of a message you will receive the alerts of the position of your device.

More settings: Clicking on this option will open a tab where you will be able to edit all the information of your devices in a more detailed and technical way. To access the complete configuration of your device, click here. 

Once back to the map, we will continue exploring the left panel tools where you will find the following options.

Keep positions: With this option, the icon of your device will remain positioned on the map, until you deactivate it. 

Show route: You can see the route your device has taken, in time intervals ranging from the last hour to the last 3 days. This will keep you informed of the routes your vehicles have taken.

Remember that, for the changes you have just applied to be seen on the map, you must click on the following option: 

In the same left panel, you will also find the following options that allow you to save the trips made by your device, in Excel or Google earth. This will allow you to have a more detailed record of the trips you have made.