Rest API

API Rest allows you to integrate any of your applications to automate processes and information.

To communicate with our service you must authenticate using an OAuth scheme. As a first step you must generate a JWT access token.

A complete list of operations can be found at https://www.plaspy.com/rest-api-docs


Method Endpoint Description
Authentication /api/Auth/Token Get Auth token
Devices /api/devices List active devices on the account
Device /api/device/{deviceId} Device information
Last Location /api/device/{deviceId}/LastLocation Last device location registered
Locations /api/device/{deviceId}/Locations Locations of a device within a date range
Alerts /api/device/{deviceId}/Alerts Alerts generated by the device in a range of dates

HTTP Status Code

Code Message Description
200 OK The request was successful.
201 Created The request has been successful and a new resource has been created as a result.
400 Bad Request There is a problem on the client side, you have to validate the parameters.
401 Unauthorized No valid token has been provided.
403 Forbidden The user identified by the token does not have permissions to make the request.
404 Not Found The resource requested does not exist.
408 Request Timeout Rest API failed to complete the request within the time it was designed to wait.
409 Conflict Valid HTTP request, but an attempt is being made to put server resources in an impossible or inconsistent state.
415 Unsupported media type An unsupported media type was sent. The server was expecting JSON.
429 Too Many Requests Too many requests have been sent in a short period of time or range of time.
500 Internal Server Error Uncontrolled error during the request process.
503 Service Unavailable Rest API is currently unavailable due to temporary overload or scheduled maintenance.

Error handling

Rest API errors have the following structure:

     "success": true,
      "error": "string"
  • success: false when the request fails.
  • error: Message with explanation of error.

Request limit

It is important to note at the time of integration a maximum of 60 requests per minute can be sent to the API, in addition to a limit of 25,000 results per device per day.