GET /api/devices/{deviceId}

This endpoint allows you to retrieve detailed information about a specific device in the satellite tracking application. It is useful for obtaining comprehensive details about a particular device.

Request Details

The request is made using the GET method at the /api/devices/{deviceId} URL. You must replace {deviceId} with the actual ID of the device you want to query.

Request Parameters

This endpoint requires the deviceId parameter to be included in the URL path.

Parameter Type Required Description
deviceId string Yes The unique identifier of the device to query.

Authentication Required

Authentication required to use the endpoint is via a Bearer token. This authentication method implies that each request must include an authorization header with a valid access token. This Bearer token acts as a credential that verifies the identity of the user or application making the request, ensuring that only authorized entities can modify the user's information. By requiring this type of authentication, the Plaspy system guarantees a high level of security and access control, protecting users' data against unauthorized access.

Example Request

GET /api/devices/device123 HTTP/1.1 Host: api.plaspy.com Authorization: Bearer {token}

Response Parameters

The response from this endpoint includes details about the success of the operation and, if successful, detailed information about the requested device. The response may vary depending on whether the request was successful or if there was an error.

Field Type Required Description
success boolean Yes Indicates whether the request was successful.
error string No Error message in case the request fails.
apiUsage integer No API usage in the current request.
apiDailyUsage integer No Daily API usage.
device object No Detailed information about the device.

Within the device field, the object has the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
id string No Unique identifier of the device.
name string No Name of the device.
description string No Description of the device.
min string No Minimum value associated with the device.
tags object No Tags associated with the device.
expires string No Expiration date and time of the device, in ISO 8601 format.

Example Successful Response

{ "success": true, "apiUsage": 150, "apiDailyUsage": 3000, "device": { "id": "device123", "name": "Device 1", "description": "Main tracking device", "min": "12345", "tags": { "tag1": "value1", "tag2": "value2" }, "expires": "2024-12-31T23:59:59Z" } }

Example Error Response

Error 400 (Bad Request) Response

{ "success": false, "error": "Bad Request", "apiUsage": 150, "apiDailyUsage": 3000 }

Error 500 (Internal Server Error) Response

{ "success": false, "error": "Internal Server Error", "apiUsage": 150, "apiDailyUsage": 3000 }

This endpoint is essential for managing individual devices within the Plaspy system. It allows users to obtain detailed and up-to-date information about a specific device by its unique identifier.


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