Gets a list of alerts generated by a device in a date range up to 1 hour.

POST /api/device/{deviceId}/Alerts
Parameter Type Description
deviceId string Device identification


Parameter Value Description
Authorization Bearer {token} Token generated on authentication
  "from": "2022-10-30T17:25:08.520Z",
  "to": "2022-10-30T17:25:08.520Z",
  "alertName": "string"
Parameter Type Description
from datetime Date from requested
to  datetime Date to requested
alertName string  Optional, alert name to query
  "success": true,
  "error": "string",
  "alerts": [
      "dateTime": "2022-10-30T17:25:08.527Z",
      "latitude": 0,
      "longitude": 0,
      "text": "string",
      "email": true,
      "sms": true,
      "alerts": [
Parameter Type Description
success bool Return if operation was successful
error string Text with description of the error
alerts array  List of alerts
alerts[].dateTime datetime  Alert date
alerts[].latitude double  Alert latitude
alerts[].longitude double  Alert longitude 
alerts[].text string  Alert text
alerts[].email bool  Notified by email
alerts[].sms bool  Notified by SMS
alerts[].alerts array List of triggered alerts