Activation Code

To activate the serial in Plaspy it is necessary to have a user account at www.plaspy.com following the steps below: 

Plaspy User:
If you do not have a Plaspy user, create one on the main page by clicking on the Register option located on the top menu, fill in your data and create your account. 

If you already have a Plaspy user account, click on the Buy more devices option located at the top right, just below your name.
In the options you must enter the option I have a prepaid card which is located at the end of the discount section.
In prepaid card enter the serial number for activation, then click on the validate option.
The serial data will be shown: Number of devices, type of product, etc. Click on activate.
You will be redirected to the page where the serial will become effective, there you will see the information of the number of devices associated to your account and the expiration date of each one.

To add the new device, you can go to the top menu right next to your username, in the menu with the gears Devices.


The following dialog box will open, in which you should select the icon of

When you select this option, a new tab will open.

Name: In this field you will put the name with which you want to create your device.
IMEI or Identifier: This is the ID of the tracker, usually the IMEI.
To create a device, follow the manual in the Devices tab where you will find detailed information for an optimal navigation in the Plaspy platform.