Last Location

Gets the last device location

HTTP request

GET /api/device/{deviceId}/LastLocation
Parameter Type Description
deviceId string Device identification


Parameter Value Description
Authorization Bearer {token} Token generated on authentication
  "success": true,
  "error": "string",
  "lastLocation": {
    "dateTime": "2022-10-30T17:09:07.477Z",
    "latitude": 0,
    "longitude": 0,
    "speed": 0,
    "course": 0,
    "battery": 0,
    "fuel": 0,
    "fuel2": 0,
    "temperature": 0,
    "sensorTime1": 0,
    "sensorTime2": 0,
    "sensorTime3": 0,
    "sensorTime4": 0,
    "inactiveSeconds": 0,
    "rpm": 0,
    "milleage": 0,
    "attributes": {
      "additionalProp1": "string",
      "additionalProp2": "string",
      "additionalProp3": "string"
Parameter Type Description
success bool Return if operation was successful
error string Text with description of the error
lastLocation object   
lastLocation.dateTime  datetime Location date
lastLocation.latitude  double Location latitude
lastLocation.longitude double Location longitude 
lastLocation.speed double  Speed in Km/h 
lastLocation.course double  Heading direction 0 to 360 degrees
lastLocation.battery int  Internal battery level 0% to 100%.
lastLocation.fuel int  Fuel level 0% to 100%.
lastLocation.fuel2 int  Fuel level 2 0% to 100%. 
lastLocation.temperature double  Temperature recorded by the device
lastLocation.sensorTime1 long Sensor 1 active time in seconds
lastLocation.sensorTime2 long Sensor 2 active time in seconds
lastLocation.sensorTime3 long Sensor 3 active time in seconds
lastLocation.sensorTime4 long  Sensor 4 active time in seconds
lastLocation.inactiveSeconds int  Stopped time in seconds
lastLocation.rpm int  Revolutions per minute recorded by the device 
lastLocation.milleage double  Mileage calculated in kilometers
lastLocation.attributes object  Additional location attributes