Gets device locations within a date range of 1 hour maximum

POST /api/device/{deviceId}/Locations
Parameter Type Description
deviceId string Device identification


Parameter Value Description
Authorization Bearer {token} Token generated on authentication
  "from": "2022-10-30T17:09:07.471Z",
  "to": "2022-10-30T17:09:07.471Z",
  "alertName": "string"
Parameter Type Description
from datetime From Datetime
to  datetime To Datetime
  "success": true,
  "error": "string",
  "locations": [
      "dateTime": "2022-10-30T17:21:00.878Z",
      "latitude": 0,
      "longitude": 0,
      "speed": 0,
      "course": 0,
      "battery": 0,
      "fuel": 0,
      "fuel2": 0,
      "temperature": 0,
      "sensorTime1": 0,
      "sensorTime2": 0,
      "sensorTime3": 0,
      "sensorTime4": 0,
      "inactiveSeconds": 0,
      "rpm": 0,
      "milleage": 0,
      "attributes": {
        "additionalProp1": "string",
        "additionalProp2": "string",
        "additionalProp3": "string"
Parámetro Tipo Descripción
success bool Return if operation was successful
error string Text with description of the error
locations array  Location array
locations[].dateTime  datetime Location date
locations[].latitude  double Location latitude
locations[].longitude double Location longitude 
locations[].speed double  Speed in Km/h 
locations[].course double  Heading direction 0 to 360 degrees
locations[].battery int  Internal battery level 0% to 100%.
locations[].fuel int  Fuel level 0% to 100%.
locations[].fuel2 int  Fuel level 2 0% to 100%. 
locations[].temperature double  Temperature recorded by the device
locations[].sensorTime1 long Sensor 1 active time in seconds
locations[].sensorTime2 long Sensor 2 active time in seconds
locations[].sensorTime3 long Sensor 3 active time in seconds
locations[].sensorTime4 long  Sensor 4 active time in seconds
locations[].inactiveSeconds int  Device stopped time in seconds
locations[].rpm int  Revolutions per minute recorded by the device 
locations[].milleage double  Mileage calculated in kilometers
locations[].attributes object  Additional location attributes