GOTOP - C780

The GPS tracker C780 from GOTOP is a versatile and reliable device that is perfect for car GPS tracking. It utilizes both GPS satellite and GSM network to provide accurate and real-time tracking information. With its fuel cut and ACC detection function, this tracker offers an added layer of security for your vehicle. It also features a built-in Li-ion battery that allows it to continue working even when there is no power from the car.

Not only does the C780 transmit longitude and latitude coordinates to your cell phone via SMS, but it can also reply to the SMS with a Google map link. When you click on the link, you can view the detailed position information directly on Google maps. Additionally, the device can transmit the longitude and latitude information via GPRS, allowing you to track the location on tracking software.

The C780 GPS tracker comes with a range of outstanding features, including:

  • Input voltage: 9V-95V
  • Waterproof level IPX7
  • Wire cut alert
  • Fuel cut function and ACC detection
  • Built-in 370mAh Li-ion battery
  • GSM band: 850/900/1900/2100
  • GPRS Real-time tracking
  • History route tracking
  • Tracking by SMS/Web platform/APP
  • Power saving management
  • Positioning with Google map link
  • Built-in GPS/GSM antenna
  • Built-in watchdog CPU to avoid system crash
  • Motion alarm

The C780 GPS tracker has a compact size of 73x26x13mm and weighs only 50g, making it easy to install and conceal. It is equipped with a high-performance GPS chip (U-BLOX G7020-ST, 50 channel) and a built-in vibration/motion sensor for accurate and reliable tracking. The device has a position accuracy of 5m and offers fast start-up times, with a cold start taking less than 27 seconds, a warm start less than 5 seconds, and a hot start just 1 second. It also supports A-GPS (AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services) for enhanced positioning capabilities.

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