GOTOP - TV-680

The GOTOP TV-680 GPS tracker is a sophisticated device that utilizes a GPS microchip to continuously track its own location from low orbiting global satellites. It then uses the GSM infrastructure operated by major cellular network providers via a SIM card to transmit its current location to you. This tracker is perfect for protecting and keeping track of elderly individuals and children. It can also be used for safety purposes and remote positioning to protect property safety.

One of the standout features of the TV-680 is its ability to provide single location information. By making a phone call to the tracker's authorization number, it will ring 1-4 times and then automatically reply with a message containing longitude and latitude position data. This data can be used to search for a target address on Google Maps. Additionally, when calling in and ringing 5 times, the tracker will automatically answer and allow for two-way communication, functioning as a phone.

Another notable feature of the TV-680 is its two-way talking communication capability. By pressing the "Call 1" button, the device will call a pre-set number 2, and by pressing the "Call 2" button, it will call a pre-set number 3. This allows for easy communication with other individuals in a two-way mode. If someone calls the device, the user will see the interface and can answer the call by pressing the SOS button. Alternatively, the device will answer automatically after 30 seconds, or the user can hang up by pressing the ON/OFF button.

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Set Up TV-680