The GOTOP G25C-4G is a powerful 4G GPS tracker designed for the Internet of Things. It combines LTE wireless communication technology with GPS/BDS satellite positioning technology to provide accurate and real-time tracking capabilities. With its industrial-grade high-integration full-built-in antenna design, this tracker offers reliable performance and seamless connectivity. Whether you need to track private cars, rental vehicles, fleet trucks, or even bicycles, the G25C-4G is a versatile solution for various tracking applications.

One of the standout features of the G25C-4G is its long battery life. With a high-capacity 20000 mAh battery, this tracker can operate for up to 240 days on standby, ensuring continuous tracking without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the G25C-4G supports three power-saving modes, allowing you to optimize battery usage based on your specific tracking requirements.

With the G25C-4G, you can enjoy a range of advanced tracking features. It supports real-time tracking through the integrated GPS and 4G antenna, providing accurate location information. The tracker also offers various alarm functions, including drop-off alarm, movement alarm, low battery alarm, shake alarm, and geo-fence alarm, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any suspicious activities or potential issues. Furthermore, the G25C-4G supports voice monitoring and recording, allowing you to remotely listen in on the surroundings of the tracker.

The G25C-4G is compatible with both web platforms and mobile apps, providing convenient and user-friendly tracking options. It also supports SMS parameter settings and SMS Google map links, making it easy to configure and access location information. With its waterproof IP65 rating and super magnet for wireless installation, the G25C-4G is built to withstand various environmental conditions and ensure reliable performance.

Overall, the GOTOP G25C-4G is a feature-rich and reliable GPS tracker that offers high-capacity battery life, real-time tracking, advanced alarm functions, and versatile application options. Whether you need to track vehicles, assets, or personal belongings, the G25C-4G is a reliable and efficient solution.

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