GOTOP - VT-390

The GOTOP VT-390 is a highly advanced and cost-effective GPS tracker designed for fleet management and vehicle security purposes. Powered by an ARM9 high-speed microprocessor, this tracker offers a wide range of features and functionalities to ensure efficient tracking and monitoring of your vehicles.

One of the standout features of the VT-390 is its RFID driver identification system, which allows for automatic anti-theft and driver identification. This feature ensures that only authorized drivers have access to the vehicle, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use. Additionally, the tracker supports the use of a camera for capturing location and driving information, which can be logged onto pictures for further analysis.

The VT-390 also offers two-way communication capabilities, allowing you to listen and speak through the tracker. This can be useful for communicating with drivers or passengers in case of emergencies or for general communication purposes. The tracker also supports the use of a maximum 64GB SD card for storing data and pictures, providing ample storage capacity for your tracking needs.

Other notable features of the VT-390 include four fuel sensor monitoring connectors, harsh braking and acceleration alarms, tracking via SMS or GPRS, remote control engine functionality, mileage reporting, and built-in motion sensor for power saving. The tracker also supports various alerts such as SOS alert, movement alert, geo-fence alert, and over-speed alert, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any suspicious or unauthorized activities.

In terms of technical specifications, the VT-390 is equipped with an ARM9 high-speed microcontroller and offers 5 digital inputs, 5 outputs, 4 analog inputs, 1 camera port, 1 RS232 port, and 1 SD card slot for enhanced connectivity and versatility. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the GOTOP VT-390 is an excellent choice for fleet management and vehicle security applications.

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