The Mini GPS Tracker D10 by GOTOP is a compact and versatile security device designed for use in cars, motorcycles, and electric bikes. With its small size and powerful features, this tracker provides real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities to ensure the safety and security of your vehicles. One of the standout features of the D10 is its support for multiple positioning technologies, including GPS, BD, WIFI, and LBS. This allows for accurate and reliable tracking, no matter the location. Additionally, the tracker supports various alarm modes such as automatic defense, electronic fence, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, vibration alarm, and offline alarm. These alarms provide an extra layer of security and help to prevent theft or unauthorized use of your vehicles. The D10 also offers optional features such as an SOS button for emergency rescue, a relay for remote power cut off, and a microphone for listen-in functionality. These additional features enhance the versatility and functionality of the tracker, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Furthermore, the D10 is IP65 waterproof, ensuring its durability and reliability even in harsh weather conditions. With its double server IP setting and support for various frequency bands, including 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, the D10 offers seamless and reliable communication. The tracker is powered by a built-in 100mAh polymer battery and can be easily installed in your vehicles. Its compact size, measuring 70mm x 10mm x 13mm, and lightweight design of just 26.5 grams make it discreet and easy to conceal. The shell is made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance. In summary, the Mini GPS Tracker D10 by GOTOP is a feature-packed and reliable security device that provides real-time tracking and monitoring for cars, motorcycles, and electric bikes. With its compact size, multiple alarm modes, optional features, and waterproof design, the D10 offers peace of mind and enhanced security for your vehicles.

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