GOTOP - VT-340

The GOTOP VT-340 GPS motorcycle/vehicle tracker is a highly cost-effective solution for security and real-time tracking. Its compact size and water-proof design make it ideal for motorcycle and car tracking. Whether you need to track your vehicle for personal or business purposes, or ensure its security against theft or hijacking, the VT-340 is a reliable and efficient choice.

With the VT-340, you can track your vehicle on command or by time interval via SMS or GPRS. It also offers the option to track by distance or by the location of GSM base stations. You can easily arm or disarm the tracker using SMS or a phone call. The tracker provides real-time information about the car's physical address, latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and odometer. You can even check the location directly on Google Maps using the provided URL.

The VT-340 offers a range of additional features to enhance your tracking experience. It has an online website tracking option using the GPRS data network. You can set up over-speed alerts and geo-fence alerts to receive notifications when your vehicle exceeds a certain speed or leaves a designated area. The tracker also has a movement alert function that can be used as an alarm. In case of emergency, you can remotely cut off the engine to stop the car safely using SMS or GPRS. The built-in 350mAh rechargeable backup battery ensures that the tracker continues to function even if the car battery is cut off or low. With its compact size and water-proof design, the VT-340 is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker for motorcycles and vehicles.

Outstanding Features:

  • Compact size and water-proof design
  • Real-time tracking via SMS or GPRS
  • Track by distance or location of GSM base stations
  • Arm/disarm by SMS or phone call
  • Check real physical address and location on Google Maps
  • Online website tracking via GPRS data network
  • Odometer function
  • Over-speed and geo-fence alerts
  • Movement alert for added security
  • Remote engine cut-off for emergency situations
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery
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