The GOTOP G08-4G is a powerful 4G OBD Tracker designed for real-time tracking of vehicles. With its OBD connection, this tracker can easily be plugged into the OBD port of any car or vehicle, making installation quick and hassle-free. It operates on the 4G LTE network, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity in different countries. Whether you're a fleet manager, a concerned parent, or a business owner, the G08-4G is an excellent choice for keeping track of your vehicles and ensuring their safety.

One of the standout features of the G08-4G is its ability to track vehicles in real-time via SMS or 4G LTE. This means that you can easily monitor the location of your vehicles at any time, giving you peace of mind and the ability to respond quickly in case of emergencies or theft. Additionally, the G08-4G offers a range of alarm features, including geo-fencing alarm, low battery alarm, vibration alarm, movement alarm, and main power cut alarm. These alarms help you stay informed about any unauthorized use or tampering of your vehicles.

The G08-4G is equipped with an inbuilt GPS/GSM antenna and a backup battery, ensuring uninterrupted tracking even in areas with poor GPS or GSM signal. The GPS chip used in this tracker, the AT6558D, provides accurate positioning within 5 meters. The 4G chip, EC21AUFA-512-STD, supports LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, and GSM networks, making it compatible with various carriers and ensuring reliable connectivity. With its compact size of 59 x 45 x 22 mm and lightweight design of just 42g, the G08-4G can be easily installed and concealed in your vehicle.

Overall, the GOTOP G08-4G is a reliable and feature-packed OBD Tracker that offers real-time tracking, multiple alarm features, and compatibility with different networks. Whether you need to track your fleet, monitor your teenage driver, or protect your valuable assets, the G08-4G is an excellent choice.

Key Features:

  • 4G LTE network for reliable and fast connectivity
  • OBD connection for easy installation
  • Real-time tracking via SMS or 4G LTE
  • Geo-fencing alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Vibration alarm
  • Movement alarm
  • Main power cut alarm
  • Inbuilt GPS/GSM antenna
  • Inbuilt backup battery
  • GPS accuracy within 5 meters


  • Working voltage: 9-35V
  • Size: 59 x 45 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 42g
  • GPS chip: AT6558D
  • 4G Chip: EC21AUFA-512-STD
  • Network: 4G/3G/2G
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