GOTOP - TE-200

Mini Pet tracker TE-200
Mini GPS tracker TE-200 is ideal for pet tracking and locating with its mini size and pet collar holder. This device has built-in U-Blox GPS and GSM/GPRS technology that can make it smaller and lighter for pet taken. People also can use it for other tracking solution purpose if the requirement to fasten the tracker to the tracking target. 
30 days Standby time
Two-way talking conversation
Remote shutdown control
Waterproof IP6 7
8MB memory card for logging 60000 data
3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.                                                                                                       
Tracking via SMS or GPRS
GPRS blind area data re-upload function.
Supports A-GPS for accelerated positioning.
Voice monitoring
Geo-fence alarm/ movement alarm/Low battery alert/Speeding alert
Positioning with Google map link
Rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery
U-blox GPS technology
Micro USB charger, Micro SIM Card
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Set Up TE-200