GOTOP - TE-200

The Mini Pet tracker TE-200 by GOTOP is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep a close eye on their furry friends. With its compact size and pet collar holder, this GPS tracker is designed specifically for pet tracking and locating. However, it can also be used for other tracking purposes where a small and lightweight device is required. One of the standout features of the TE-200 is its impressive 30-day standby time. This means that you can track your pet's whereabouts for an extended period without having to constantly recharge the device. Additionally, the tracker supports two-way talking conversation, allowing you to communicate with your pet remotely. This can be especially useful if your pet goes missing or if you need to give them instructions while they are out and about. The TE-200 is also equipped with a range of other useful features. It is waterproof with an IP67 rating, ensuring that it can withstand any outdoor conditions. The device has an 8MB memory card for logging up to 60,000 data points, allowing you to track your pet's movements over time. It also features a 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm, and power management, providing you with real-time alerts if your pet is in distress or if the device is running low on battery. With the TE-200, you can track your pet's location via SMS or GPRS. It supports A-GPS for accelerated positioning, ensuring that you can quickly and accurately locate your pet at any time. The device also has a geo-fence alarm and movement alarm, allowing you to set up virtual boundaries and receive notifications if your pet strays outside of them. Other features include voice monitoring, low battery alerts, speeding alerts, and the ability to view your pet's position on Google Maps. Overall, the Mini Pet tracker TE-200 is a reliable and feature-packed GPS tracker that is perfect for pet owners who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved pets. Its small size, long battery life, and advanced tracking capabilities make it an excellent choice for pet tracking and locating.

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