VT360A is a newly developed mini GPS vehicle tracker, a very cost-effective tracking device for all kinds of vehicles, it can be used as a GPS tracker and a car alarm, has tracking, Arm/Disarm by SMS or Call, with ACC on /Door open/Movement alarm to protect your vehicles from pilferage. Equipped with RFID part, the device can realize automatic Arm/Disarm, to protect your vehicle in a easy and comfortable way. It is very small in size, easy concealed and installed.

Functions & Features 


1. Equipped with RFID
2. Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alarm 
3. Check the vehicle's location by SMS or GPRS 
4. Set automatic tracking by distance or time interval 
5. Cut off engine by SMS gradually for safety 
6. Monitor the voice remotely by phone 
7. Arm/disarm system by phone call or SMS 
8. ACC on alarm, Door open alarm, Movement alarm in Arm status, can be used as an alarm 
9. Geo-Fence Alert. If the car oversteps the boundary, it will send out alert 
10. Over-speed Alert 
11. SOS button
12. Mileage report 
13. Backup battery. Anti-tamper design, once power supply is cut off illegally, it will send out alert. 
14. Location to SMS with Google map's link 
15.2 inputs, 2 outputs and 1 analog input 
16. Remote monitor fuel consumption (optional) 
17. Remote monitor temperature (optional) 

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Set Up VT-360A