The GOTOP VT-380A is a GPS/GPRS based tracking device designed for vehicle real-time tracking and fleet management. With its built-in GPS module, it can accurately obtain position data and utilize its GSM capability to send the data to a specified mobile phone or server for tracking and fleet management purposes. The VT-380A also features internal memory, allowing it to store GPS coordinates when there is no GPRS connection or at a specified interval set by the user. Additionally, this tracker offers an optional feature where a microphone can be linked out and hidden inside the vehicle for cabin monitoring.

One standout feature of the VT-380A is its driver ID identification solution. Each authorized driver is given an RFID inductive card, which can be read by a card-reader connected to the tracker via a USB cable. When the inductive card is brought close to the car, the card-reader retrieves the driver's ID number and sends it to the server platform via GPRS. This allows administrators to monitor the driver's ID and name from the platform, ensuring that only authorized drivers can start the vehicle engine.

Another notable feature of the VT-380A is its car alarm solution. When the driver's inductive card is far away from the car, the tracker automatically arms itself and cuts off the oil and power supply to the vehicle, providing anti-theft protection. When the inductive card is brought close to the car, the tracker disarms itself, and the oil and power supply are resumed automatically, allowing normal vehicle operation. In the armed state, the tracker sends alarm messages to both your phone and the server platform, providing added security and peace of mind.

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