GOTOP - TK-206

TK-206 is simple GPS tracking devices  which is the smallest GSM/GPRS/GPS car tracker with high performance. It is a simple tracker with basic function. It is easy install and use. The most important feature of it is the small dimension and easy hidden. It is just like a part of the car. The one who stole the car will don't know it is a tracker. You can track the car by mobile phone or GPS tracking website and find the car easily.


Working voltage: 9-75V
Inbuilt GPS/GSM antenna
Tracking via SMS or GPRS
Engine cut remotely
SOS button for emergency rescue
Voice monitoring
Geo-fencing alarm
Low battery alarm
Vibration alarm
Movement alarm
Online tracking software,Android/IOS app
Main pow cut alarm
Sleeping mode 
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Set Up TK-206