GOTOP - G909

The GOTOP G909 is a mini asset GPS tracker designed for vehicle tracking and monitoring. It is equipped with 4G LTE FDD network wireless communication technology and GPS/BDS satellite navigation and positioning technology. This compact tracker features a high-integration full built-in antenna and intelligent power-saving working mode.

One of the standout features of the G909 is its support for multiple functions, including remote voice monitoring, vibration alarm, and overspeed alarm. It also offers an electronic fence function, allowing users to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the device enters or leaves the designated area. In the event of an alarm, the device can send text messages or make phone calls to the monitoring number, while also uploading the alarm information to the platform.

The G909 is equipped with an industrial-grade GPRS module and a high-sensitivity GPS/BDS dual-satellite positioning module with an anti-jamming ceramic antenna. This ensures stable and accurate satellite signal reception, even in challenging environments. The tracker also features a built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor, which, combined with a precise acceleration algorithm, provides real-time vehicle attitude and condition monitoring.

With its versatile functionality and adaptable working modes, the GOTOP G909 is an ideal choice for various tracking and monitoring applications. Whether you need to keep an eye on your fleet vehicles, monitor valuable assets, or track personal vehicles, the G909 offers reliable performance and advanced features to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Supports remote voice monitoring, vibration alarm, and overspeed alarm
  • Electronic fence function for virtual boundary monitoring
  • Alarm notifications via text messages or phone calls
  • Industrial-grade GPRS module with high-sensitivity antenna
  • Supports TCP/IP data transmission and server connection
  • Built-in large-capacity storage chip for offline data storage
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor for real-time vehicle condition monitoring
  • High-sensitivity GPS/BDS dual-satellite positioning module
  • Supports online remote upgrade and configuration
  • Adaptable working modes for various scenarios
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