The GOTOP TE-207S is a waterproof GPS tracker designed for personal remote positioning. With its innovative miniature size and built-in U-blox GPS and GSM/GPRS technology, this tracker is perfect for monitoring and protecting people and property. Whether you need to keep track of traveling lone workers, mobile nursing staff, children, or the elderly, the TE-207S is a reliable and versatile solution.

One of the standout features of the TE-207S is its waterproof IPX6 rating, ensuring that it can withstand exposure to water without compromising its functionality. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor environments or situations where water resistance is essential. Additionally, the tracker supports charging via a docking station, making it convenient and easy to keep the device powered up.

The TE-207S also offers advanced features such as AGPS, which allows for fast GPS signal acquisition, ensuring accurate and real-time tracking. It is equipped with a big SOS button for emergency rescue, a falling down alarm, and a 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm, and power management. With 8MB of memory card storage, the tracker can store up to 60,000 waypoints, providing a comprehensive tracking history.

Other notable features of the TE-207S include two-way talking conversation with high-quality sound, a 30-day standby time, real-time tracking via SMS or GPRS, a call button for talking, voice monitoring, geo-fence alarm, movement alarm, low battery alert, speeding alert, and positioning with Google map link. The tracker is powered by a rechargeable 900mAh lithium battery and supports micro USB charging and a micro SIM card.

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