The GOTOP D09 is a portable magnet tracker designed for asset tracking. With its super magnet and waterproof IPX7 rating, this tracker can be easily attached to any metallic surface and is resistant to water damage. It comes with a rechargeable battery available in three options: 1500mAh, 3000mAh, and 6000mAh, providing you with different battery life options to suit your needs.

This GPS tracker supports real-time tracking through a web platform and Android/iOS mobile app. You can easily monitor the location of your assets from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it supports SMS location with a Google map link, allowing you to receive location updates via text message.

The GOTOP D09 offers a range of features to enhance your tracking experience. It utilizes GPS/BDS/WIFI/AGPS/LBS technology for accurate and reliable positioning. You can view real-time tracking and history trace replay to analyze the movement of your assets. The tracker also provides various alarms, including drop-off alarm, movement alarm, lower battery alarm, shake alarm, and geo-fence alarm, ensuring the security of your assets. It even has a sleeping power-save mode and remote power on/off function to conserve battery life.

Other notable features of the GOTOP D09 include voice monitoring and recording, a 10-minute parking reminder, and an alarm that triggers if the sound in the car exceeds 61 decibels. It is compatible with 4G LTE and 2G 850/900/1800/1900 MHz networks, ensuring reliable connectivity.

With its compact design, powerful magnet, and advanced features, the GOTOP D09 is an excellent choice for asset tracking applications. Whether you need to monitor vehicles, equipment, or other valuable assets, this tracker provides the reliability and convenience you need.

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