GOTOP - C790

The GOTOP C790-Y is a versatile and reliable vehicle GPS tracker designed to meet the needs of various car models. With its compact size and easy installation, this GPS tracker is a convenient solution for tracking and monitoring your vehicle's location. It combines GPS/Beidou satellite positioning with GPRS communication technology to provide accurate and real-time positioning tracking. One of the standout features of the C790-Y is its ability to remotely cut off fuel, allowing you to control the oil and electricity switch of your vehicle using your mobile phone. This feature can be particularly useful in case of theft or unauthorized use of your vehicle. Additionally, the tracker offers ACC detection, which intelligently detects the ACC switch, and an anti-detection feature to prevent external discovery of the device's location. The C790-Y also comes equipped with a range of other useful functions, including arming/disarming, speed chip MT2503D, power failure alarm, vibration alarm, over-speed alarm, SOS button for emergency rescue, and an electric fence feature that alerts you when your vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area. Furthermore, you can easily track and review the driving history of your vehicle for up to 180 days. With its user-friendly platform and easy installation process, the GOTOP C790-Y is a reliable and cost-effective solution for vehicle tracking and security. Whether you need to monitor your personal car or manage a fleet of vehicles, this GPS tracker offers the features and functionality to meet your needs.+

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